About Goodluck Trade Expo

Goodluck Trade Expo is located at Kwalkhu, Patan/ Lalitpur near Golden temple. We are the 3rd Generation working on this handicraft business. Back in those days, people used to work from home and their homes were their workshops. Our ancestors started this business through Carvings. They used to carve at the prestigious stone like; Coral, Lapis, Turquoise etc. Whereas, the women of the house used to make silver jewelleries.

As time passed by, slow and gradually the coming generation took over the business and upgraded it by adding Buddhist rituals and decorative art crafts. During this time period, we were fortune enough to work with people who helped in working and exchanging our relation overseas. This also helped us on exceeding our verities and going versatile. This is one beautiful reason that our collections are not just limited within Nepal, we have products that have came from across the world and we are fortunate enough to give it our Nepalese touch to make it more exclusive.

At the startup of this Business, it was established as “Goodluck Handicraft”, today this sector has divided multiply reaching many demands and has transformed as “Goodluck Trade Expo”, aiming to meet the trend and technology as required.