Bodhisattva Padhmapani Lokeshvara is  characterized as the Buddha of the Future, stands in a graciously exaggerated posture, the body stands beautifully in counterbalance. Padmapani is also used as a synonym for Lokeshvara. Padmapani (lotus holder) is a Sanskrit term referring to Lokeshvara, the bodhisattva, having one face and two hands.

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PADHMAPANI LOKESHVARA  in this image stands in a copper base which has been crafted by our Nepalese arctician’s and the metal work has been beautifully done on it. There are all together 8 statues beside Padhmapani Lokeshvara. The Stones Used are all original. This Product has been oxidized to give an antique finishing, each of the stones have been carved delicately and studded at the copper body. Here, the only removeable part is the back and the body cannot be removed from the stand.

Stones Used: Lapis Lazuli (Blue) Lokeshvara body, Coral (Red), Cronch (white), Turquoise (Green)

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Dimensions 29 × 50 cm

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